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Updates on Tekcentre due to COVID-19
Updates on Tekcentre due to COVID-19

International Travel Adaptor with Dual USB (replaces 38120)

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SKU 33998

International travel adapter features an easy-to-use design to provide a simple way to power your electronics while you`re traveling abroad. Simply push one of the four sliders on the side of the adapter to slide out the correct plug configuration for the wall outlet. When you`re done charging just slide it back into the adapter. Two-pole adapter allows you to power high-draw devices like a laptop Chromebook or MacBook. Dual 2.4A USB ports allow you to get the fastest charge possible for one tablet or two smartphones. The low-profile design makes the adapter compact and portable and because the plugs are built-in it eliminates the chance to leave something behind. For safety and peace of mind an internal fuse helps prevent a power surge to your device.

  • Slide-out plug configurations work in more than 150 countries
  • 2-pole adapter powers anything from a laptop to Ultrabook
  • Dual 2.4A USB ports provide fastest charge for smartphones and tablets
  • Low-profile design offers convenient mobility
  • Internal fuse prevents power surge to your devices